Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ellesmere To Grindley Brook

We took the boat to Ellesmere but couldn't moor on the arm to get the shopping. It was no different the following day so I bought a new shopping  trolley so I could stock up the cupboards. I didn't buy much for the fridge as it was  having trouble getting cold enough and the milk went off. Now the weather's cooler it's back to keeping between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. So we're  ok for now if that heatwave was the only exceptionally hot weather this Summer!

Leaving the madness of Ellesmere  on a windy morning was fun and we stopped  off by the Prees Arm to get the post and pick up the car so we could pop into Wem  to get fish and chips at 'Fry Day'  by the Coop. Ben the dog had his sausage.

Today after 5 lift bridges and the six locks of the Grindley Brook  I'm tired. My arm's  and wrists aren't used to all this exercise.....I have trouble opening jars! Quiet at Grindley Brook so we only had to wait for  one boat  to come up the staircase locks. The lockie was his usually chatty self......I'm joking!

We're currently staying at the bottom of the locks  and heading for Wrenbury tomorrow. We couldn't get there on a Sunday and not have Sunday Lunch at the Cotton Arms.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We've Escaped Whixall

Yesterday we left Whixall Marina on the  boat to  visit Ellesmere. Boats  everywhere  but  we stopped  at  Hampton  Bank as  it   was so  hot! Moored  near us  was   Sarah  and  Darren  on their boat.

We kept Ben the dog cool by covering him with a wet cold towel as he was panting so much we were worried. He stopped panting and  went to sleep still covered by the wet towel.

Today it's  a bit cooler actually quite nice to  be out  boating. The  coolest  place  we  found was in Ellesmere Tunnel but we had  to come  back out into the sunshine.

As expected  we couldn't get   anywhere   near Tesco  to get  the shopping so  we'll  try   again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's So Hot In Whixall Marina

We're currently not enjoying this heat's just too hot for me. It's OK if you're up to your neck in a lovely blue sea somewhere nice or even in a paddling pool.  Ben currently  had a fan blowing on him when he decides to sit by it. We've  been sitting under the tree as well as it's  a bit cooler there.

Eric's gone to Shrewsbury Hospital for another outpatient appointment  as he has an inflammation of the  eye called iritis. It all started a week ago with an urgent appointment at the doctor  followed by a same day appointment at the Urgent Eye Clinic in Shrewsbury Hospital. Hopefully he won't need to go back again but will have to finish the course of eye drops.

We're hoping to go out for a  cruise this week so watch this space.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Windy At Whixall As Usual

It's  windy at Whixall but the satellite dish is staying fixed (so far) to the roof by it's suction base now that we have a shiny roof. The wind always makes it difficult to get in and out of our berth but we're not going out yet so it doesn't matter.

We're  feeling thoroughly lazy this afternoon although I've been busy this week making the rest of the boat curtains. They're  all on their poles now without any hooks or rings thanks to the heading tape from Ikea which fits straight on the pole.

Still some jobs on the to do list for this week such as  tidying up and resealing the inside of the windows where they've  been taken out for painting and put back in.

Ben the dog and I have been  out walking mostly missing the rain. He wants to go out but just plods along......a bit like me when I don't really want to go either.  He only speeds up when we're  on the way back to the marina.

Tomorrow the part of Alders Lane up to Whixall Marina is being repaired  but it  does says we'll be able to get past. It was damaged by a huge crane as it was reversing up the narrow road, which came to lift the CART work boats out onto low loaders.

So another week's gone by. Eric's had a haircut so looks less like Father Christmas  and mine is being cut on Tuesday at 'No 4' in Wrexham so it looks like it'll be fish and chips for lunch as there's a lovely cafe nearby.

The red arrows have just flown over us here at Whixall which Ben's hiding......he hates the noise of jet engines.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Back In Whixall Marina

A view from the side hatch

We're  currently back in the Marina with a few things we wanted to do before we go out cruising. I've been making new curtains and have three more pairs to make. We needed four pairs of porthole sized curtains, a door curtain for the front doors and five pairs of curtains for the saloon and galley windows so it's been quite a task.

The new curtains in the saloon

The new port hole curtains in the bedroom

Yesterday during the torrential rain we had a leak and wondered where rain was getting in. Luckily we were in waiting for the rain to stop, as it came through in big drips where the TV and broadband hub was. Somebody hadn't sealed around the wooden block on the roof when they put our boat back together. Clear sealant used by Eric soon sorted the problem.

I've been catching up with a washing mountain this week too. It's  always windy here but today it's really windy. Last night the noise from the rain on the roof was really loud so I found it difficult to get  to sleep until I found my ear plugs

We've  had the central heating on as it's  been cold after the hot weather we had last month. There's  smoke coming from quite a few chimneys. Eric feels the cold anyway while I'm usually hot.

Just a note if you want fuel at Whixall Marina it's only available Tuesday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Escape From The Paint Shed

 A view fom the stern, we love the sign writing by Robin 

From the bow, the cratch will be refitted later

Today we finally escaped from  Aqueduct Marina with our very shiny new paint job. Unsure of whether we liked the finished colours  as it's  very different from blue with just a mustard coachline. It's  growing on us. I thought I'd better take some photos before it gets bashed in the locks on the Llangollen Canal  as the side weirs  don't  make it easy to get in the locks unscathed. Aqueduct Marina is another windy marina so we were pleased to wake up to just a breeze.

I've been busy making a new set of curtains for the boat after ten years the others were faded. I am pleased to say the interior of the boat had been cleaned  ........I was dreading the dust after the shot blasting.  I covered everything inside in plastic sheeting  which had to  be removed leaving a clean boat. Eric had issues with his dirty engine which he had asked them to cover while the work was done, but after a complaint it was all expertly cleaned. An excellent paint job though and we're  very pleased with Phil the painters expertise.

Ben the dog is happy to be out of the marina as its easier to get off the boat when there's grass to land on.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Sign Writer's Busy Today

On Monday we made a trip to Whitchurch for reviews at the doctor's, we'd  planned to be back afloat by then. All sorted with no fuss and we have two months medication sorted  for our Summer trip out on the cut.

We also visited our boat in the paint sheds at Aqueduct and we're extremely pleased with our shiny boat. The painter was due to finish on Wednesday and the sign writer was due to be there on Wednesday and Thursday.  He rang with a few queries and told us he did the sign writing when our boat was new ten years ago. So it is nearly done and we'll  have to be patient a  little longer.

On Wednesday  our day started earlier than planned when Eric had a really  bad pain in his chest and collapsed on the bathroom floor. To cut a long story short  the ambulance came in ten minutes and we had a day out in A&E and he was thoroughly checked out.  It was angina but still very frightening.

So we're  still waiting but we should hear from Aqueduct very soon.