Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's Wednesday

Dearnford Lake, Shropshire 
We'll another week's gone by, it's been  a cold one but it feels a bit warmer today. Monday was surprisingly sunny and we went to see Dearnford Lake. We'd seen the  sign on the Tilstock road but had no idea if we could walk the dog there. Yes we could and the coffee shop even has a dogs allowed section which was full when we went.  From April onwards it's  a wild swimming lake too not that I fancy swimming in cold water. Looking on the Internet  the lake came into  being when a huge hole caused by materials needed for the construction  of the  Whitchurch bypass were extracted. The owners decided to use the whole in the ground. 

Yesterday we did the food  shopping  in Ellesmere where I walked the dog alongside the canal. It was very muddy in places. Eric fancied fish and chips for tea from the chippy in Wem, so we went  to get some at the shop by the Coop. The fish was cooked while we waited and we ate it in the car rather than let it go cold driving back to Whixall.  Ben the dog  had his sausage which was gone in seconds.

Today I need to do some washing and take Ben the dog for a walk. I think I'll go and see what's going on up on the Prees Branch. The canal is now closed for several weeks as the contractors need to use some heavy machinery to knock in the pilings. They haven't  started yet as you can't hear the banging.

The gas cylinder has been smelling all week which tells us it's  going to run out.......usually when it's dark and raining. We have a small spare until we pop to the marina office to get a new big one. It's just moving the satellite dish pole to get into the  the gas locker.

Time for breakfast.  Have a nice day!


Today on the Prees Branch
The big plant has arrived and is now banging the pilings  in.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Snowdrops At Attingham Park in Shropshire

Today we decided to go and walk in Attingham Park hoping the snowdrops  were out in the grounds. They were flowering   and looked beautiful growing naturally  in the woods. Ben enjoyed his walk too. We were glad of our scarves and gloves but Ben was warm enough in his fur coat.

Friday, February 03, 2017

A Quiet Life At Whixall Marina

We're  enjoying a quiet life here  at Whixall  other than the nights when the  wind  blew  and rocked us in the water. We've  had a few  foggy mornings too. The swans wait at the  slipway for their morning feed.

Our daughters and Ben the dog have all celebrated their birthdays for another year as the clever collages from Google photos show. Putting photos on the blog has been made easier by my new phone a Samsung J3 with a working camera. I can't upload photos on my tablet anymore....blogger won't work.

We've been walking the dog in as  many mud free places as we can. It was great walking around Colemere one frosty morning when the ground was hard with frost.  It was actually warmer in the woods out of the bitterly cold wind. The park in Whitchurch  has mud free paths too and a short walk from the Tesco  car park.

We made the best of the weather on Wednesday and walked along the River Severn at Quarry Park in Shrewsbury. Ben the dog watered quite a few of the Lime trees  which line the pathways. It was originally a red sandstone quarry. Alongside the river many years  ago the clothes were washed and the cattle watered. There's interesting information  boards too as well as the dingle with it's  lake, fountains and flowerbeds. Apparently  Perry Thrower  was head gardener.

Eric had to turn one of the boating mushrooms down a bit more because he was getting dropped on as he sat in his chair. We've  done  the usual boating jobs filling up with water and emptying things. We've  no problem with getting rid of rubbish with skips on site and the Whitchurch  recycling site to get rid of any bigger items.  Coal, logs, and gas is available too. Eric has been topping up the diesel tank with 20 litres cans to replace that used by the Webasco diesel  heating.

So nothing much is happening  here, we're  feeling well and happy enjoying life here in Shropshire. Eric one task in life seems to be keeping the car clean....a mammoth task with all the muddy lanes around here!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good Morning

We've  been  back  on the boat  nearly a week  and I've been trying to get those jobs you put off done. Yesterday I  actually  cleaned the oven, not my favourite job but it's  done.  I shocked Eric by making a fruit cake too. 

I've  finally conquered the  washing  mountain and done the necessary  ironing  although I  think  it's really a waste of time  as the shirts come out of the wardrobe creased anyway. As it's  jumper wearing weather  it doesn't matter as only the collar shows.

In fact we've  had a quiet week  after a busy ten days in Newport. Ben the dog has been getting  us out everyday regardless of the weather although it's  been particularly  muddy on the towpaths. Today it's  going to be cold outside so I am still contemplating  getting out of my warm bed. As soon as Ben hears me in the shower  he'll want to go out for a wee!

The snowdrops have started  flowering in one of  the marina flowerbeds. We must go and see if the ones in the church grounds at Llantysilio  are in flower yet near Horseshoe Falls on the River Dee not far from  Llangollen.   

Well, I need to get up. Enjoy your day, count your blessings, at least we've  got to be old  although no one tells you about the aches and pains!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Farewell To Les Biggs

Yesterday morning I checked  the blogs as I do most mornings over breakfast and saw Jaq's post with  the dates at the top and realised Les had passed away. I couldn't  stop the tears.

He was such  lovely man, he was one of the first friendly people we met when we embarked on this life afloat in 2007. Since then we followed his love story as he met and fell in love with Jaq  and they got through all the red tape and they married. We've  followed their blog as they bravely told their story with no holds barred. Our paths have crossed occasionally over the years and the last time  was in April 2012 near Prees Junction, I hadn't  realised five years had gone by.

Now his story has ended, his pain is over but I feel Jaq's pain as do the rest of the boating community. Once you'd met him you wouldn't  forget him.  Our thoughts are with you Jaq and your families.x

Les and Jaq (April 2012)