Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dinosaur Babies In Wales

We've  been to 'The National Museum'  in Cardiff with Gwenllian to see the 'Dinosaur Babies'. We found out about the different eggs of the different types of dinosaurs. Lots of skeletons on display and a nest of eggs.  Eric's sister Paula came too and  we also looked at lots of other areas. My favourites were the rocks and fossils. We were glad of a coffee and a sit down although Gwen could have gone on for ever.

Gwen with a baby dinosaur

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy Anniversary To Us

We're  currently  in Newport   for a week or two.  Yesterday we went out for a meal at the local Flaming Grill to celebrate fifty years together. It's  actually our forty sixth wedding anniversary but we met when I was seventeen and Eric was nineteen at a youth club. No computer dating, mobile phones and Internet seems a long time ago.

We went to the seaside too and I accompanied Gwen on the dodgems. Not easy to get in or out of but she enjoyed it. We renamed them 'crashems' as we did a fair bit of crashing. She's practising driving for when she's older as driving in Newport is an experience all on its own. Signals not existent and just I'm  going whether you like it or not on round abouts.

Here's  a few photos of Gwenllian in Porthcawl.

Today we're going to the National Museum  in Cardiff there's  an special exhibition of dinosaur babies.  First of all we need to walk the dog as he's not allowed on this outing.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Off To Newport Very Soon

Our granddaughters having fun!

We're  enjoying being back home in Whixall. Eric has missed driving his car so we've been out and about by car.  We went to Shrewsbury and had a walk at the Quarry by the River Severn. There's  lots of work going on there getting ready for the  Shrewsbury flower show.

We headed for  McDonald's  but it's  been revamped so tried Burger king at Battlefield roundabout..... but never again! The double cheeseburger was so tiny (it tasted ok), chips ok and the coke was undrinkable! They did ask if we wanted the extra large one but we didn't know the normal  size was so small. Much better quarter pounder cheeseburgers at McDonald's.

At the weekend we're off to Wales to visit our family. Our daughter  Sally  took this photo of her daughter Scarlett  having fun with foam in her garden with Gwenllian. Looking forward to seeing them. See you soon.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Back To Whixall Marina

We set off  from the  Whitchurch Arm after Eric had run a line of sealant along the  top edge of one of the front windows. Rain found it's way  in the torrential  rain.

Six lift bridges of todays plan but I only had to open  and close two. The second  bridge on the Prees Branch hasn't  been put back yet and the rest were opened and closed by an oncoming boat. My lucky day!

The lack of wind made getting onto our berth easy too.  So we're  back on shoreline  with a home phone and broadband from BT at a fairly slow speed but it works. It's  nice to be home.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Walk In The Rain To Whitchurch

Going up Grindley Brook

Eric in the staircase locks

Today we had an early start with breakfast at the top of the locks from the CafĂ© as they do takeout as well. bacon and sausage baguettes went down a treat. We cruised as far as the Whitchurch Arm as we fancied a walk along the footpath into town. It  stopped raining but started again so Ben the dog got pretty wet but he didn't seem to mind enjoying a rub down with a towel when we got back. He's having an afternoon nap now!                           

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cruising To Grindley Brook

We started off in the rain but it soon stopped. We started off with the two locks at Swanley the first one we came to (Lock 2) had a stream coming out of the  tow path side lock wall which didn't stop so the canal water has found it's  way probably making a void behind the lock wall so a problem in the making.

Ben and I walked between the  locks and hopped back on board for a ride to the bottom of Baddiley Locks. Three locks this time going up with lots of boats on the move it was nice not having to shut the gates behind us.

Just two lift bridges at Wrenbury and on the first we were waved through. But  of course I held up the traffic on the electric one by the time the two boats had gone through. I showed a holidaymaker how to use the panel as she hadn't used it before.

We decided not to moor up at Wrenbury but carry on in the sunshine to the bottom of Grindley Brook  locks. The wind picked up as we did the four locks making pulling  in for the locks hard work as the wind was taking the boats away from the towpath side of the canal. It was causing problems for some inexperienced crew who found themselves stuck on the wrong side of the canal.  Lots of help on hand though to get them free.

So we're  moored now with Grindley Brook Locks ahead of us tomorrow.  Let's  hope it stays dry.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back On Home Waters

At the bottom of Hurleston Locks

Coming up in Lock 1

We decided to get as far as we could today just because  we wanted to get back on the Llangollen Canal and the weather forecast isn't good for tomorrow.  A lovely day for cruising on a boat with just three locks on the Middlewich branch  taking up to Barbridge Junction, then a left turn taking us to Hurleston Junction. Climbing Hurleston Locks we felt like we were back on home waters.

Tomorrow  is going to be a lazy day.